Empathy is a a new benefit available to you to assist you following the loss of a loved one OR if you are anticipating the loss of a loved one with a terminal illness or in hospice care.


    This benefit is of no charge to you. You are also able to add up to 10 members to your "family hub" within your own account so that you can work on planning and collaborating with one another as you go through this difficult time.


    Wichita Public School Employees can register for Empathy through a few different methods, using the code EMP-WPS (*To add family members to your hub, you will need to send them an invitation through your account after you set it up*):



    This webinar will be a great introduction to how the program works: Welcome to Empathy (vimeo.com)


    With Empathy, you will have a dedicated Care Manager, as well as access to a care team of individuals that can help you navigate next steps. The following are just some of the tasks this team can assist you with:


    • Contacting a funeral home
    • Writing an obituary
    • Cancelling the accounts of a loved one like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
    • Helping you make claims on life insurance
    • Recording the last wishes of a loved one whose loss is anticipated
    • Preventing identify theft after the loss of a loved one
    • Using the family hub to assign tasks to different family members
    • Ordering a death certificate