Frequently Asked Questions

  • This page will answer anticipated and frequently asked questions about school closings and their impact on WPS staff, families and our community. Every effort will be made to LISTEN and to SHARE as much information as possible when it is available.

    If you have specific questions, you can email or call 316-368-8008 7:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.  

FAQs for Families

  • Why are you closing schools?

  • Why was my school recommended to close?

  • My school is recommended to close, what options do I have?

  • When would the schools close?

  • Will my child receive a bus to their new school?

  • Will there be latchkey at the new school?

  • My student receives special education services. Will that change?

  • For students currently served through specialized programs of Academic Life Skills, Mixed Abilities or Positive Behavior Support, where will these students be assigned for next year?

  • My child receives ESOL services. Will that change?

  • My child is in a newcomer program. Will that change?

  • Will the new school have a Pre-K program?

  • Will there be an opportunity to apply to a magnet school?

  • The magnet school I applied for is recommended for closure. What happens now?

  • How will this impact class sizes?

  • How much money is saved by closing schools?

  • What will happen with the empty buildings?

  • When was the last time a building closed?

FAQs for Staff

  • Will everyone have a job?

  • What will happen to my pay?

  • I work in a school recommended for closure. What happens next?

  • What is the process for obtaining another position?

  • What if there aren’t any positions available for the same role?

  • What are the options if staff are not interested in the current postings?

  • What about class sizes?

  • Will I get help moving my classroom?

  • Is the District cutting administrative positions?

  • The Teacher Employment Agreement states “The teaching staff may be reduced by layoff at the discretion of the Board”. Does the Board anticipate the layoff of teachers?

  • The district continues to advertise and say “We Are Hiring”, but is anticipating budget reductions and possibly eliminating positions. How can this be?