• TRIO Talent Search at Wichita North 


    Emily 2022

    My name is Emily Roets-Estevez and I am the TRIO Talent Search (TS) representative for North High School and Jardine Middle School. TRIO Talent Search at Wichita State University is a federally funded program that has been serving USD 259 since 1977. TS is one of the original three TRIO programs created to inform and prepare middle and high school students for postsecondary education. I hold a BA and certificate in Spanish from WSU and a MSE in ESOL from FHSU, so I can assist Spanish-speaking students and families at North.


    When students sign up for TS, they become eligible for services such as tutoring, campus visits to colleges across the state, ACT prep, and scholarship assistance. I send seniors a monthly scholarship newsletter and can edit resumes and personal essays for scholarship applications. Mrs. Schmeidler kindly lets me meet with students in the CCC office, but I also do classroom visits! I can present on building holistic college admissions applications, financial aid, and more. If you would like me to visit your class or meet with your students, please reach out any time by email (Emily.roets-estevez@wichita.edu) or by phone (316-978-6755).



    Program Description

    The Talent Search program identifies and assists individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education. The program provides academic, career, and financial counseling to its participants and encourages them to graduate from high school and continue on to and complete their postsecondary education. The program publicizes the availability of financial aid and assist participant with the postsecondary application process. Talent Search also encourages persons who have not completed education programs at the secondary or postsecondary level to enter or reenter and complete postsecondary education. The goal of Talent Search is to increase the number of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who complete high school and enroll in and complete their postsecondary education.

    Types of Projects

    Projects provide tutorial services, career exploration, aptitude assessments, counseling, mentoring programs, workshops, information on postsecondary institutions; education or counseling services designed to improve the financial and economic literacy of students; guidance on and assistance in secondary school reentry, alternative education programs for secondary school dropouts, entry into general educational development programs or postsecondary education; and programs and activities previously mentioned that are specially designed for students who are limited English proficient, students from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in postsecondary education, students with disabilities, students who are homeless children and youths, students who are in foster care or are aging out of the foster care system or other disconnected students.

    Additional Information

    Services provided by the program include:

    • Academic, financial, career, or personal counseling including advice on entry or re-entry to secondary or postsecondary programs
    • Career exploration and aptitude assessment
    • Tutorial services
    • Information on postsecondary education
    • Exposure to college campuses
    • Information on student financial assistance
    • Assistance in completing college admissions and financial aid applications
    • Assistance in preparing for college entrance exams
    • Mentoring programs
    • Special activities for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders
    • Workshops for the families of participants

  • Upward Bound Prep at North


    Jaya Escobar-Bhattacharjee

    Jaya Escobar-Bhattacharjee

    Associate Director



    Academic Year

    • one-on-one tutoring in academic subjects
    • career and college exploration
    • college campus visits
    • ACT preparation
    • financial aid application assistance
    • student leadership conferences
    • social and cultural programs
    • biweekly Saturday tutoring sessions
    • guest speakers
    • community-service projects

    Summer Program

    • courses to ensure students complete a solid pre-college curriculum and other courses that ensure students are ready for college.
    • Intensive eight-week Collegiate Transition Program. This program pays tuition for 6-8 hours of college courses at Wichita State. Students live in University housing on the WSU campus.
    • a college environment for participants
    • five to eight weeks on the Wichita State University campus
    • academic instruction
    • tutoring
    • post-secondary admissions advising
    • Wednesday night guest speakers
    • exposure to cultural events


    Student Application: https://www.wichita.edu/services/diversity/TRIO/upward_bound_wichita_prep/JoinUB.php 


  • Upward Bound Math and Science 

    Upward Bound Math Science 

    Upward Bound Math Science, hosted by Wichita State University, provides an academic-year program and a summer program for low-income, first-generation high school freshmen through seniors who are interested in math, science, engineering, or health professions and encourages them to pursue these subjects as post-secondary majors.

    The Academic Year Component

    September through May the academic-year portion, known as the “Saturday Workshops,” provides Wichita area participants services, such as:

    • Tutoring (In-person and Online educational services - Photo Study)
    • Community Service
    • Social/Cultural Events
    • Campus Visits
    • Social Wellness and Mental Health

    Summer Residential Component

    During June and July, Upward Bound Math Science offers a six-week residential program is where students attend classes on WSU’s Main Campus and reside in the WSU’s residence halls. Students take classes in the following subject areas:

    • Foreign Language
    • Mathematics
    • Engineering
    • Science
    • Career Exploration
    • Research Methods

    In addition, student services include:

    • College Tours and Visitation
    • Tutorial Support
    • Cultural Enrichment
    • Science and Engineering Research
    • Research Opportunities & Presentations
    • Final College Trip

    Mission Statement

    • The Mission of Upward Bound Math and Science is to:
    • Stimulate and advance interest in mathematics, science, and computer technology,
    • Challenge students to perform to the best of their ability,
    • Provide a unique residential, academic, exploratory, hands-on experience, and
    • Encourage high school students to realistically consider the attainment of a post-secondary degree in mathematics or the sciences.

    Who can Apply?

    • You should join the program and participate if:
    • You are a Kansas high school student or in the eighth grade and are about to enter high school
    • You would like to go to college, but don't yet know how to apply or qualify for college
    • You have the interest and enthusiasm for new, exciting experiences and friendships
    • You want to pursue a career in science, mathematics, engineering, or a related area
    • You are eager for the knowledge and opportunities that only college can bring you
    • Neither parent in the home has earned a bachelor’s degree; or
    • Your income level does not exceed federal guidelines for the program

    How Can I join?

    • Let your School Counselor know that you are interested in applying, or
    • Call Upward Bound Math Science at Wichita State University 316-978-3316

    For more information, Upward Bound Math Science is located at the Brennan Hall 1, Room 114
    Upward Bound Math Science
    1845 Fairmount Box 156
    Wichita, KS 67260-0156
    Tel: 316-978-3316

  • Upward Bound Communications at North


    Introduce students to the world of communication

    Our program introduces high school students to the world of communication. That includes understanding how we connect with others, our personal identity, communication in personal relationships, the verbal dimension of communication as well as careers in the communication field. We also provide up close and personal opportunities for students to explore diverse careers including engineering, science, medical field, and education.


    Application for Upward Bound Communication: https://www.wichita.edu/services/diversity/TRIO/upward/application.php 


    trio cub homework tutoring


    CUB provides homework assistance, tutoring for all active participants in program. Whether you need help in Math, Science or completing a term paper, we can provide you with assistance. The key is to act immediately as soon as you begin to struggle in a class or need help in understanding the course (s) you're enrolled.

    Please contact our curriculum coordinator at (316) 978-7659.

    photo of summer program students

    Summer Program

    Each summer students who participate through the academic year as well as new recruits who maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0, will be invited to attend a four-week, intensive residential summer program. Students live and eat in the residence halls at Wichita State University and receive instruction from University instructors and other professional staff. Educational trips include, but are not limited to, visiting college campuses, local business tours.

    cub mentorship for students


    Students who participate in TRIO Communication Upward Bound get a unique opportunity to meet with area professionals and learn from the faculty, current students, and college graduates. Zoom Video allows students to connect and engage with professionals globally.  Mentors provide encouragement and help students complete various extra-curricular activities. CUB students have the opportunity to learn about college from mentors who have first-hand experience with what it takes to succeed in college and then transition into a career.