• The Blue Carpet Senior Gala (BCSG) is the event when our seniors are recognized for their participation in clubs, as well as receive special certificates and scholarships. At this event, our seniors will receive their graduation cords, certificates, and/or awards. The Class of 2025 will have their BCSG on Wednesday, April 30th at 6:00 PM.


    Who is invited and what should I know?

    • All seniors are invited to participate and celebrate.
    • We welcome all of your family and friends. 
    • Seniors will receive their graduation cords for each club they have participated in or be recognized with a certificate.
    • Dress attire for seniors is "repurpose your prom"; we treat this evening like the Oscars or Met Gala. We love to take your photos and show off your bling.
    • Guests are welcome to wear whatever they feel most comfortable wearing. 


    BCSG Class of 2024


Last Modified on June 18, 2024