• The Student Ambassadors engage in fundraising activities to support their peers and uplift the community, embodying the true spirit of leadership and solidarity. Through these efforts, they demonstrate a commitment to making a positive impact, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. These student leaders understand the power of collective action and lead by example, inspiring others to contribute and fostering a culture of empathy and generosity. By investing their time and energy in fundraising, they not only help address immediate needs but also build a stronger, more connected community for the future.


    Our Ambassadors tirelessly fundraising to offer college scholarships, ensuring their peers have access to higher education. They are dedicated to giving back to the community, providing essential support for the homeless, and fostering a spirit of generosity. Their efforts also ensure that students in need have the necessary supplies for college, easing the financial burden on families. By leading these initiatives, our ambassadors inspire others to contribute and make a tangible difference. Their commitment exemplifies the power of collective action and the importance of supporting one another. 


    The 2024-2025 fundraising goal is $2000. The Ambassadors will host their annual fundraising yard sale on the front lawn of East High on Sunday, October 13th, 2024. 


    East High student ambassadors create scholarship fund (usd259.org)

Last Modified on June 19, 2024