Online Pre-payment System

  • You can make payments to your child’s meal account and pay school fees quickly and securely using MyPaymentsPlus.


    Wichita Public Schools USD 259 offers the ability to prepay meals and school fees online, or prepay meals by telephone… anytime, anywhere. Simply dial in or log on and use a credit card to fund your child’s meal account. You can make payments at your convenience – from home, office, or on the road. It couldn’t be easier!


    ► Prepay with your VISA or MasterCard credit card.
    ► Available 24/7 for your convenience.
    ► No more lost money.
    ► Quick, easy, secure.


    Payment Information


    ● Simply log on to
    ● Select “Wichita Public Schools” for any student in Wichita Public Schools.
    ● Use your child’s last name and student ID number to register your child.
    ● See what your child is eating at school, check your child’s Meal or General Account balance.

    General Account (most common) - allows students to purchase any item in the cafeteria; including complete plated meals, additional drinks/milk and á la carte (separately priced side/entree dishes) items.

    Meal Account (most restrictive) - ONLY allows students to purchase one complete plated meal per day at breakfast and/or lunch. With this account, a student cannot purchase any other item in the cafeteria: including additional plated meals, drinks/milk, or any á la carte items.

    ● Make a food account prepayment and designate how much of your payment goes into the "Meal Account" and how much goes into the "General Account".
    ● Set up a Meal or General Account low balance reminder or automatic payment if you wish to ensure that your child’s Meal or General Account is never out of funds.
    ● Pay your child’s school or activity fees using the secure website.


    By Phone (for meals only)

    ● Call (866) 736-9007 for any student in Wichita Public Schools.
    ● Use your child’s name and student ID number to make a prepayment to your child’s meal account using your VISA or MasterCard credit card.


    Additional MyPaymentsPlus Information

    What is MyPaymentsPlus?
    MyPaymentsPlus is a system that allows you to make payments to your child’s school meal account using the internet or the telephone, and to pay school and activity fees using the internet. Log on to for payments, or call (866) 736-9007 to use your credit card to add funds to your child’s meal account. English and Spanish language options are available when making payments by phone.

    What information do I need to register with MyPaymentsPlus?
    You will need your child’s USD 259 student identification number and your child’s last name to access your child’s account. You can get your child’s student identification number from your child’s school. You will need your VISA or MasterCard credit card information to make a payment.

    Is there a charge for using MyPaymentsPlus?
    Parents are not charged a fee for using MyPaymentsPlus. The number provided to make payments by phone is toll-free.

    How quickly will my payment be credited to my child’s meal account?
    Money deposited into MyPaymentsPlus for meals will usually arrive at the site within an hour after payment is made. On occasion you will see a delay of up to 48 hours. If you choose, you can set an online low balance reminder or automatic withdrawals so your children always have funds in their meal accounts.

    How can I know the balance in my child’s meal account, or how the money in my child’s meal account is being used?
    When you log on to MyPaymentsPlus and go to your child’s account, you can see the balance for your child’s account, and you can see recent account history listing all purchases and payments. When you call the MyPaymentsPlus phone number, you can get the balance in your child’s meal account.

    Is MyPaymentsPlus secure?
    Security is a priority with MyPaymentsPlus. The data is encrypted at 128 bit encryption, with SSL/secure socket layer. VISA protocol for its CISP/Cardholder Information Security program is followed and CISP certification from VISA is held. This is VISA’s highest security certification. MyPaymentsPlus also has a Confidentiality Statement and User Agreement on the MyPaymentsPlus website. Information is retained only if it is necessary to process payment, and lists are not sold to any other entity.

    Who do I contact for help with MyPaymentsPlus?
    If you have problems or payment processing questions, use the Chat on the website or call (800) 859-6508 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time. After hours, you will be asked to leave your number and you will be called the next business day.

    Who do I contact if I have questions about school meals or my child’s account?
    Call Nutrition Services at (316) 973-2160 or email For questions about school and activity fees call your child’s school office