• 2023-2024 District Snapshot


    Enrollment - 47,174 studentsGraduates

    Richly diverse student body

    • Hispanic - 37.5%
    • Caucasian - 29%
    • African-American - 19.7%
    • Multi-Racial - 8.1%
    • Asian - 4.67%
    • Native American - .77%
    • Pacific Islander - .26%
    • 112 languages spoken in the homes of WPS families; 97 countries of birth

    Students of many abilities

    • Receiving special education services - 8,149
    • Receiving gifted education services - 600
    • Receiving ESOL services - 7,589

    Overcoming obstacles

    • Students from homes of poverty - 80.1%


    Enrollment - Wichita Public Schools is the largest school district in Kansas, educating approximately 10% of all public school students in the state of Kansas, and more than half of all school-aged children in Sedgwick County.

    Graduation rates increasing in Wichita - The Wichita Public Schools' 2022 graduation rate is 80.4%, a more than 6 percentage point increase since 2018. Increasing the high school graduation rate is one of the goals of WPS' Every Student Future Ready Strategic Plan. WPS graduates were offered more than $55.6 million in total scholarships in 2023.

    Future Ready - High school students have more than 100 opportunities to earn college credit while in high school. There are 25 Career and Technical Education Pathways in 7 career areas offered. 

    Diversity - "The World Walks Our Hallways!" Wichita Public Schools is a dynamic, welcoming school community that supports the needs of all learners, from the most highly skilled to those needing intensive assistance. Our students come from 97 countries and more than 112 languages are spoken in the homes of district students.

    Student Activities - Wichita students are active in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to enhance their educational experience. Success is noted throughout the state and across the district in such areas as fine arts, athletics, JROTC/leadership, forensics and debate and technical education.

    Employment - The Wichita school district is the third-largest employer in the 4-county metropolitan statistical area, with more than 5,600 full-time employees.

    School and Support Buildings - The district has 54 elementary schools, 15 middle schools, 3 K-8 schools, 9 high schools and 9 special schools and 6 special program locations. Of these school sites, 25 house magnet programs. 

    Finances - 86% of the district's operating budget directly benefits students, their classrooms and our schools. The total budget for 2023-24, which includes funding from all sources, is $970.8 million. 

    Other Interesting Facts -

    • More than 16,000 students travel to school by bus. Our buses travel 5.5 million miles on average during the school year.
    • More than 49,600 meals are served every day during the school year. That equates to 278 meals per minute! In the 2022-23 school year, 8,667,182 meals were served.
    • When chicken nuggets are served, 7,600 pounds of chicken nuggets - 156,000 nuggets - are served in a single day! 
    • 221,000 string cheese sticks are served every month.
    • District crews maintain 10 million square feet of building space.
    • Grounds crews maintain 176,252 acres
    • There are more than 30,000 interior and exterior door keys district-wide.
    • Instrumental Repair maintains approximately 6,000 musical instruments that are loaned to students.


    Please note:  The demographic information presented above is a snapshot of our student demographic data taken annually in September, and represents the total number of students served by the Wichita Public Schools. This snapshot includes all students (full- and part-time, pre-school, special programs, etc.). Our demographics may differ from the audited Kansas fall membership data.