• Bell Schedule 2022-2023

    We have 2 different bell schedules.  


    Pioneer Schedule (Most days)

     8:00am - 9:20am-----------1st/2nd Block

     9:27am - 10:09am----------3rd Block Academy Time

    10:16am - 11:36am---------4th/5th Block

    11:36am - 12:16pm---------Lunch (all students)

    12:23pm - 1:43pm----------6th/7th Block

    1:50pm - 3:10pm------------8th/9th Block


    Wednesday & Activity Day Schedule ( when we have pep assemblies and other activities at school)

    8:00am - 9:22am------------1st/2nd Block

    9:29am - 10:49am----------4th/5th Block

    10:49am - 11:29pm---------Lunch (all students)

    11:36am - 12:56pm---------6th/7th Block

    1:03pm - 2:23pm------------8th/9th Block

    2:30pm - 3:10pm----------3rd Block Academy Time & Activity (Wednesday: Students Leave Early @ 2:30pm)