• History of Northeast Magnet High School!



     NEM High School for science and art opened in 1990 as the first  magnet high school of USD259 with 395 students. The school provided specialized programs in science and visual arts with a Humanities program. Student magnet projects utilizing technology, block scheduling, college prep emphasis, and smaller learning committees were significant innovations. In 1996 NEM merged with the Downtown Law Magnet program, and in 1998  the law program moved from City Hall to NEM.


     In 1990 the students selected the school colors to be navy blue and silver. The Griffin was chosen as the mascot to represent the two distinct elements of art and science as represented by the lion and the eagle. The Griffin formed one new identity by merging the two. United Way, spirit week, magnet mania, magnet day, project fairs, and senior show have been significant events throughout the years that have built strong school traditions. 


    A New Era...

    NEM Bldg


    In August 2012 NEM moved to a new state-of-the-art school located at 53rd Street North and Rock Road. This larger building allowed NEM's enrollment to grow to just under 800 students. As part of this move students, parents and teachers elected to change the schools colors to purple and silver. This change reflects the overall design of the new building while holding the tradition of the Griffin mascot.

    NEM has been recognized for academic excellence at the local, state, and national level. In 1999, NEM was identified by the US Department of Education as a "New American High School". Through the years the school has also been recognized by the James Institute for Effective schools, the Senatorial Award for Excellence in Art, the State Standard of Excellence, the Challenge Award, and more. The students of NEM have consistently performed at very high levels on assessments. Over 85% of any graduating class goes on to attend college. NEM students have excelled in Technology Student Association (TSA), Scholastic Art, Mock Trial, Debate, and many other magnet related and academic competitions. Northeast has also fostered many partnerships with many local and national businesses and colleges. As a result of these and other accomplishments, NEM is considered one of the top high schools in the state and nation.