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     West High Academies: Fine Arts and Communications Academy


    Students entering this academy will focus on two areas of emphasis:
    Performance: Foreign Language, Drama, and Instrumental and Vocal Music
    Production: Drawing & Painting, Photography, Publications, Pottery & Sculpture, and Graphic Design

    This academy is geared toward educating students in the Arts to better impact our community through quality communications and creative endeavors.  Students who intend to complete one of the FACA strand areas will be required to complete the listed courses and obtain a C or better in strand classes and their Capstone Project.  Students who complete the requirements for a strand will qualify to receive the corresponding honor cord for graduation. 


    FACA Strand PNG



Fine Arts & Comm. Staff

  • Christie Ramsey - Assistant Principal

    Jennifer Palacio - Secretary

    Sarah Kelly - Counselor

    Natalie Wright - Academy Leader