Degrees and Certifications:

  • Video Production (8th Grade Fall Semester)

    Description: Students will develop their skills in producing digital videos. From planning storyboards, writing scripts, editing audio, to the final editing, students will develop the skills needed to produce their own videos and burn them to DVDs. Multiple themed projects will give the students different opportunities to express their inner film maker.


    Exploration of Technology 3 (8th Grade Spring Semester)

    Description: This is another pre-engineering class from Gateway to Technology (GTT) but Exploration of Technology 2 is not necessary but suggested. Instead of designing projects, students in this class are involved with how electricity is used in today’s products. From discovering the basics of electricity to soldering a few basic “make and take” projects, students get hands on learning about electricity. In addition, students will also explore how gear systems and some basic programming skills can be combined to create automated scale working systems. No LEGOs for this class! Using Fischer Technique systems, students will build working models of complex machines which can be programmed to perform basic tasks.


    Exploration of Technology 2 (Grades 7 or 8 - Half Year)

    Description: The first of our Gateway to Technology Programs which are pre-engineering programs adapted to work alongside the high school programs. This program is designed to take students through the Design Process. From brainstorming ideas, developing sketches, creating 3D drawings, to developing working dimensioned drawings students will take their skills to create an Air Dragster out of pine for our classroom dragster tournament.


    Exploration of Technology (6th Grade - 9-weeks)

    Description: Students will get a general understanding of the technologies available here at Mayberry. From discovering some of the basic tools in Photoshop, to the basics of Microsoft Office students will have various projects to practice using the different tools in these programs. Students will also receive an introduction to the Copy Right Law as it refers to items they create for school and items they find on the internet. Students will also get an introduction to the 3D CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software that we use with Exploration of Technology 2.


    Exploration of Media Production (Grades 7 and 8 only - Full Year)

    **Requires Application and Approval from Mr. Maneth

    Description: Students accepted into the class will be help produce images and content for the school yearbook, YoutTube and Mayberry website, along with assisting in producing other media requested by the school for promotional events. Training in DSLR camera and digital video equipment, basics of Photojournalism will be covered along with how to use Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements to edit media post-production.


    Project Based Learning a.k.a. Game Design (Grades 7 or 8- Full Year)

    Description: Students will discover what is involved in producing board games. From layout, organization, rules, to the tokens that move on the board students will use this new knowledge to produce their own prototype game board and then present it to the school at our "Students Game Reveal".


    Exploration of the Art in Technology (Grades 7 or 8 -Spring Semester)

    Description: Students will use technology to find their inner artist. Using Photoshop they will develop the own creative touch to fine art photography. Students will use the 3D CAD software to do some virtual sculpting and chose a piece to be printed on the 3D Printer. We will finish the class using MinecraftEdu to create Pixel Art.