• Hamilton Attendance Policies

    Please report all absences to the Main Office by 8:30a to guarantee your student's attendance is accurate for the day. All tardies/absences will be considered unexcused unless a written notice is provided.

    Tardy Policy
    Each student will receive 3 free tardies to class per nine weeks (this includes arriving to school). Students who are late to school or class 4 or more times will be assigned an after school detention each time they are late. It is our hope that after school detentions will motivate students to be on time to class. Students who continue to be late to class despite receiving multiple detentions will lose their hall pass privileges and will be escorted to each class. No passes will be issued during the first 5 min of class.

    We Need Your Help! 

    We will be using a computer program to help us accurately track student tardiness. Phone calls will automatically be made starting on a student’s 4th tardy. The purpose of this call is to notify parents of the day and time of the detention and to communicate with you our concern with your child’s frequent tardiness. However, this system will only work if we have your correct number. It is very important that we have a working number. Please double check the enrollment packet to ensure your phone number is correct. If, for any reason your number changes throughout the school year, please notify the office of your new number as soon as possible


    Truancy Policy

    Attendance is a vital part of your student’s education per Board Policy 1461. The policy states “In compliance with requirements of the Kansas Compulsory School Attendance Law, reports shall be filled with appropriate authorities when a child is not enrolled in a public school or non-public school or when a child is enrolled in school and is inexcusably absent-TRUANT.”  Your child is considered inexcusably absent if they miss a substantial part of a school day for:

    • 3 consecutive school days
    • 5 days in a semester
    • 7 school days in a school year

    Your child’s attendance will be reported as required by the Kansas Compulsory School Attendance Law. In addition, a doctor’s note will be required to excuse students with more than 12 excused illness days or those absences will be marked unexcused.

    We want your student to be at school every day.  Our school goal is 90% attendance for all students.  Meeting this goal or surpassing it will allow your student to participate in award activities each nine weeks.

    Increased Attendance = Increased Knowledge for your student