• In-School vs Out of School Suspension

    Suspensions are used to handle some of the most serious behavioral situations, in regards to students. We do our best to use alternative forms of discipline; however, sometimes suspensions are the only consequence suitable to fit the offense. This can either be in or out of school suspension. Any student given a suspension will have a formal suspension letter sent out to them and will be contacted the day of, via phone.

    In-School-Suspension: We always shoot for ISS first, if a students actions deem a suspension consequence. While in ISS, students typically follow the same structure as our After School Detention procedures; however, they will spend the entire school day in the designated ISS room. While in ISS, teachers forward assignments for the day, down to the student, where they are given 8 class periods worth of time to complete them. Students in ISS are still allowed to eat lunch, though they must do so in the ISS room. 

    Out of School Suspension: Out of School suspension is just that. Your student is expected to serve their suspension at home. Work will be collected during the 24 hours following their issued suspension, to cover the duration of their suspension. It is up to the student to complete and return any assignments they are given during suspensions. Parents/guardians should be the ones to come and gather/return their work. Assignments will be located in our Student Service Center (SSC).