• Lunch Detention vs After School Detention: What's the Difference?

    Like with most poorly made choices in life, we must face consequences for our actions... middle schoolers are no exception. At Hamilton, we do our best to keep students in a safe and secure learning environment and empowering them with options to make the right decisions. When staff does have to resort to disciplinary measures, we use two tools to ensure that keep your student in class, as to not disrupt their learning- Lunch and After School Detention. But what's the difference?

    Lunch Detentions

    Lunch Detentions are only assigned if your student fails to present their student ID when heading to lunch. All students without an ID will be assigned a lunch detention for that day. Those students do receive a cold lunch, which may vary from what is being served on the actual menu for that day, they are taken to another location to eat and serve their consequence with a detention monitor. Students are not allowed to purchase lost/stolen ID's during their lunch period, nor are they allowed to call home for them during that time. New ID's can be purchased before or after school, or during school hours with a pass from their current teacher, as well as phone calls home. If your students gains more than two lunch detentions in a week, they will receive an after school detention.

    After School Detention

    After School Detentions are a more severe consequence that we use for student behavior/defiance/truant issues. Students that receive an after school detention ALWAYS receive a 24 hour notice to serve their detention and parents/guardians are ALWAYS called, by a staff member, to give notice as well. For reasons like this, we ask to have your most up to date contact information on file. Even if we fail to reach the parent/guardian, the student does get a pink hard copy of their notice to serve, to send home to their parent. Those that don't serve on their serving date will be picked up the following day. At the end of 9th hour the following day, students are escorted to their designated serving area, where they will be remain from 3:40p to 4:50p. All personal matters must be taken care of before being escorted (rides, phone calls, etc). There is no eating, drinking, sleeping, talking, or chewing gum allowed in after school detention. Students must be off school grounds by 5:00p or may attend an after school activity immediately following dismissal. If your student does not attend an after school activity and fails to be picked up by 5:00p, they will no longer have the option of after school detention. Students refusing to serve on the second day of absence will be assigned an Out of School Suspension.