• Reunion Scheduling Information

    For information regarding scheduling reunion tours, please contact Dr. Brian Hutton at bhutton@usd259.net.  If you would like reunion information or updates to be added to this page, please email awilborn1@usd259.net.  Please allow two weeks for information to be updated.  (Updates will not be made in July.)


    Reunion Dates - Class of 2010 to current

    None at this time.


    Reunion Contacts

    Note:  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.  It is only maintained as a courtesy to South High graduates and is completely dependent on information submitted by South High graduates.



    • Shawntel Shirkey, 316-644-4106, shawntel.shirkey@gmail.com
    • Ben Arevalo, 316-655-6746, benjaminarevalo96@gmail.com
    • Jada VanNordstrand, 316-806-7931, jashlynn95@yahoo.com
    • Amanda Guerrero, 316-616-5156, guerreromanda@yahoo.com
    • Evelyn Varela, 316-409-0425, evelynbarela@gmail.com


    • Kendall Winterhalter, 316-559-1616, kendall.winterhalter@gmail.com
    • Davontae Harris, davontaeharris@yahoo.com
    • Chelsea Cook, chelsea.cook@yahoo.com
    • Kyle Elliott, kelliott1995@yahoo.com
    • Anallely Dominguez, anallely.dominguez@yahoo.com


    • Kori Godinez, 316-494-5786, kgodinez1@usd259.net
    • Cortnee Hosler, 316-305-4409, hoslercortnee@gmail.com
    • Ashlee Vickers


    • Jazmin Parra, jazmin_alejandra507@hotmail.com
    • Jonathan Tran
    • Aracelli Marquez, hellokitty3120@aol.com
    • Sidney Reeser, sjreeser@yahoo.com


    • Kelly VanCleave, 316-945-5989, jr-stamps@cox.net
    • Tim Hull, timhull@cox.net
    • Brooklynn Markham
    • Bryant Stock, kansasjrracer@yahoo.com