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Student Info

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    Keep an Eye on Your Ride

    Contact Ms. Blades at to get your 'Student ID & Security Code'.

    Track using the app: 



    Need a Transcript?

    You can request transcripts through Xello. 

    How students request their transcript be sent to an institution:

        1. Login to your Xello account.
        2. From their Student Dashboard, under Goals & Plans, students click College Planning.
        3. Under College Applications, they select the institution to which they’d like their transcript sent.
        4. Under the Application Checklist they find Transcript.
        5. To the right, they click Request.
          1. A banner at the top of the screen will indicate the request was sent.

    Please direct any questions to Ms. Blades at

    Library Info!

    Links to KanEd & other research sites.

    StudentVue App

    Stay on top of your assignments and grades!

    Use this link after you install the app: 




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