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  • Isely Elementary

    The work of Wichita Public Schools is to empower all students with 21st century skills and knowledge necessary for success by providing a coherent, rigorous, safe and nurturing, culturally responsive, and inclusive learning community.
    At Isely Traditional Magnet, our vision is to educate children. This is accomplished through the combined efforts of staff, students, families, and community. All children will learn and must be provided positive opportunities to make good choices about schooling, the workplace, and citizenship roles. Instruction is provided using USD 259 standards, a core curriculum, and high expectations infused with care and respect.
    • We believe in a safe school environment.
    • We believe all children can and want to learn.
    • We believe students learn in a variety of ways.
    • We believe in students taking accountability and responsibility in their school success.
    • We believe in open, honest, and strong home/school/community connection.
    • We believe it is the job of the teacher to make connections and support all children while seeking relevant professional development.
    • We believe that preparation and planning is essential.