• Mission Statement:

    The mission of Beech Elementary is to empower all students with the 21st century skills and knowledge necessary for success by providing a coherent, rigorous, safe and nurturing, culturally responsive and inclusive learning community.

    Vision Statement:

    Beech is comprised of dedicated and loyal staff members who embrace the diversity of our students, families and community while working together to build relationships and to create an environment that utilizes all resources to attain the highest level of student achievement. With teamwork, we can consistently engage families and trust each other’s professionalism. We will continually strive to enhance student growth while providing a safe and secure learning environment.



    Shared Beliefs:


    We will give all students opportunities to succeed by:

    * providing a safe, supportive and engaging learning environment.

    * utilizing ongoing communication with parents and community.

    * delivering consistent instruction aligned with student academic level.

    * regarding them as responsible, caring and confident life-long learners.

    * professionally collaborating to enhance the mission of our organization.

    * using data to facilitate differentiated instruction derived from research-based strategies.

    * fostering high expectations for success academically and behaviorally