• working hard together

    The 4/5th graders fill out an application if they want to be a part of this club and we pick from the applications. The students meet on Monday’s to plan events such as the United Way fundraising campaign (Penny Wars, Estimation Jar, Teacher Vs. Student ) basketball game. 2015-2016 school year we raised close to $1000 for United Way. We also planned and ran the Thanksgiving Food Drive/Food Packs and were able to help over 36 woodman students by providing them Thanksgiving food.  The Leadership Club were our speaker escorts for Career Day.  Currently we are working a project to put in “buddy benches” on each of our playgrounds to encourage the kids to be better friends.  I have attached a few photos.  Our T-Shirts and projects were sponsored by Carols O’Kellys and the T-Shirts were designed by the West High Design program as a Senior’s graduating project.


    Our T-shirts