NAL - National Academic League - Ms. Ann Walker - room 305

  • NAL (National Academic League) is a competitive team that participates in trivia against other schools. There are 4 quarters and each is different rounds to get points for your team. The 4th quarter is the most important, because you can lose points. You take time before the games to practice and prepare. During the competition, no phones are allowed as it can be considered cheating. The judges are almost always different every year. We assign captains for the first 3 quarters, but the 4th is free for all. The 1st round is a solo round where each person goes up against a certain chair and they have to answer a question. If it is answered incorrectly or it is not answered on time, then the other person will have the chance to steal and answer for their team. The 2nd round is the same except you can talk with your teammates and the captain will answer for your team. The 3rd round is where you are given a topic and have to present the topic and it is similar to a debate. The 4th quarter is a free for all where everyone is allowed to answer after they state they can. Everyone is welcome to join NAL, even 6th graders. If you are interested, please see Ms. Ann Walker in room 305.