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    Dress Code  

    The goal of Brooks standardized dress policy is to create an environment of learning and discipline that enhances student achievement, value students for their character, and promote a sense of school community and pride.  


    District Standardized Dress Expectations: 

    Per BOE Policy 1473, the following will be adhered to at Brooks:  

    • The standardized dress shall consist of a minimum of at least two solid colors for bottoms and tops, with no logos, pictures, or writing.   
    • Belts shall be worn if bottoms contain belt loops.  
    • Clothing shall be sized to correctly fit the student.   


    Brooks Standardized Dress Expectations:  



    • Colors are White, Black, Purple (different shades of purple allowed).  
    • Brooks Spirit t-shirts of any color.  
    • All tops must be solid in color with no logo, graphics or words allowed.  
    • Only Brooks official hoodies are permitted during regular school days and college hoodies on Think College Thursday. Fridays are Spirit Days when students are encouraged to wear any  Brooks attire.  
    • Undershirts must be a dress code color without graphics.  
    • Shirts must have a collar with short or long sleeves (the exception is Brooks Spirit T-Shirts).  
    • Vests in dress code colors only (no denim) are allowed to be worn over an approved top.  
    • Allowable styles of shirts:  
    • Polo shirt-must have collar (one button may be undone)  
    • Oxford dress shirt-must have a collar, long or short sleeved (one button may  be undone)   
    • Blouse-must have collar, long or short sleeved (one button may be undone)  
    • Sweaters/Sweatshirt-styles must be a solid dress code color, crew neck or button up  
    • V-neck with a crew collar undershirt in dress code colors (white, black, purple)   
    • Turtleneck or mock turtlenecks are considered collars  
    • Only Brooks Spirit T-Shirts are allowed, graphics/text must promote Brooks or an extra-curricular Brooks activity (any color allowed on any day of the week)  



    • The only permissible colors are Khaki (tan) and Black.  
    • All bottoms must be solid in color with no logo, graphics, words or “bling.”  
    • No denim.   
    • Blackorbrownleatherbeltwiththeoriginalbuckleandnoblingarepreferredforloopedpants.  
    • No athletic or sweat pants/shorts.  
    • Noskinnyjeans,jeggings,tightsorleggings (unlessworn under skirts/shorts/dresses).   
    • Allowable styles of bottoms:  
      • Pants/slacks/corduroy/capris must fit at the waist (No sagging or dragging the floor)  
      • Shorts must be no more than 3” above the knee  
      • Skirts/jumpers/dresses/skorts must be at least fingertip length (even if leggings/tights are worn underneath)  
      • Leggings must have at least fingertip-length tops/tunics/dresses/skirts over the leggings Leggings/tights must be dress code color (khaki or black, white or purple)  
    • NO SAGGING – first and second offense will be given detention, third offense will be given ISS and fourth offense will be out of school suspension. 



    • Shoes should provide adequate support and safety.  
    • No house shoes, shoes with wheels, flip-flops, SLIDES, or CROCS.  
    • Sandals are allowed (must have a back strap).  


    General Expectations 

    • No writing on your clothing or oneself.  Any tattoos must be covered.  
    • No“home-made”Spirit Shirts.TheSpiritshirtsmustbepurchasedfromBrooksMiddleSchool.  
    • No sheer, lace, or see through material on shirts and shirts may not be ‘tied up.’  
    • Scarves may be school colors only (white, black, purple).   
    • All clothing should be free of holes, rips, cuts and frayed edges.  
    • Coats, jackets, non-school hoodies, hats, backpacks, wallets and purses are to be kept in lockers during the school day. Wallet chains are not allowed.  
    • Headbands must be no more than 2’’ in width and must be a dress code color – no bandana headbands. Headbands may not have any object (animal ears, flowers, logos etc.) attached.  
    • Bandanas, head coverings, sunglasses and combs/picks are not to be worn on campus  
    • Any accessories, including, but not limited to jewelry, make-up and hair color may not detract from the learning environment.  
    • The current year’s Student ID must be worn on a school lanyard around the student’s neck at all times. Students may not wear additional lanyards. Nothing additional should be hanging from the lanyard (keys, puff balls, germ-x, etc.). Lanyards or IDs that are defaced will have to be replaced. Students’ face, name and bar code must be visible and legible.   
    • Brooks Standardized dress is required at all home athletic and academic games. Enforcement begins the first day of the school year.  
    • Students not in compliance will be asked to change into school supplied, compliant clothes. If school clothing is not available, students will be allowed to call home for a change of clothes.      
    • Students who repeatedly violate the dress code will be subject to disciplinary actions.  
    • Spirit days and dress down days will be provided throughout the school year.  
    • Brooks PE/dance bags are for clothes for those classes only, and are not to be used as a backpack for anything other classes. Failure to comply will result in a dress code violation.  
    • Administration will make the final decision on any dress code decisions. 


    Dress Code for Dress Down Days, Dress Up Days & Evening Events 

    Student dress should be appropriate for the learning environment at all times. Occasionally throughout the year, however, students may have the opportunity to earn dress down days. Any student dressed inappropriately will be sent to an administrator. When students have the opportunity to dress down the following will apply:  

    • All shirts/tops must cover the shoulders, be long enough in length as to cover the beltline when standing and may not be see through.   
    • Skirts, shorts and dresses should be a proper length (fingertip length).   
    • Clothing with offensive pictures or language is inappropriate.   
    • No hats or any other types of head gear (unless for religious or medical reasons but subject to administrative approval)  
    • No spaghetti strap tees, tank tops, strapless, off the shoulder tops or coat-like jackets  
    • No sagging and no skin may show through torn jeans or jeans with holes (leggings are to be worn beneath jeans with holes)  
    • No pajamas or house shoes  
    • Leggings may be worn with tops/tunics/dresses/skirts that are at least fingertip length   
    • Nojeans or sweats may be worn on Dress Up Days