• Late Bus Run 191

    Late Bus Run 192


    The late buses are available to any Brooks student, whether or not they normally ride a bus. The bus runs Mon-Fri. The late bus only goes to specific schools. Be sure to check the schedule to see if there is a stop near your home. If your child needs to ride the late bus regularly, and there is not a stop near your home, you can REQUEST that a stop be added (to a school near your home). It is not guaranteed that they can do this, but it can be REQUESTED. Talk to Ms. Steffen in the main office about late bus issues.


    During the course of the school year if your student (current bus rider) is needing/wanting to ride home with another student (also current bus rider) a parent/guardian will need to send a written note or call the main office, ask for Mrs. Steffen, and then give verbal permission. Students ARE NOT ALLOWED to ride without this signed form.

    Procedure: Student(s) will bring their note to the main office and then the Bus Pass will be issued during the course of the day.

    Please make sure your student is aware they should not wait until after school to ask for a Bus Pass, we musthave authorization from a parent as well as a signature from Administration in order to ride. Waiting until after school is too late, so no passes will be issued.


    Please call at 973-6471 to discuss pickup/drop off locations and times.