National Poetry Month

  • Favorite Poems and Poems by Thunderbirds 

    Andrea's (7th) favorite: from Suzie Bitner was Afraid of the Drain by Barbara Vance

         If you always try your best

         Then you'll never have to wonder

         About what you could have done

         If you'd summoned all your thunder.


         And if your best

         Was not as good

         As you hoped it would be,

         You still could say,

         "I gave today

         All that I had in me."


    “Lucid” by Chris (8th)

    Things are pretty crazy, as it seems.
    With no school, I feel I’m trapped in a lucid dream.

    However, if this fact were to be true, then when will I awake?
    When will I be able to eat horrible breakfast corn flakes?

    But if this dream does not pass… Then I shall never make it to class.


    Yoselin's (7th) favorite: "Spring is Here"  by William Blake

    Spring is here,

    In the air,

    You can smell it coming,

    On the trees,

    Leaves are green,

    Caterpillars sunning,

    Birds are back,Grass is out,

    Busy bees are humming,

    On the trees,

    Leaves are green,

    Caterpillars sunning.


    Life meaning:      by Yulissa (6th)

           Life is too short 

                  To miss someone

                       Who doesn’t miss you back


    one of Mrs. Frederick's favorites:

    The Pool Players.

    Seven at the Golden Shovel.    by Gwendolyn Brooks

    We real cool. We
    Left school. We

    Lurk late. We
    Strike straight. We

    Sing sin. We
    Thin gin. We

    Jazz June. We
    Die soon.


    Love is Not Always There        by Liliana (6th)

    If I can tell you one thing to do

    It's, fall in love


    Once You Fall Out of Love

    It's so hard to come back

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