• Spaght Vision


    Samuel E. Spaght Science & Communications Magnet will be the school of choice in our district, where all students and staff are empowered to dream, believe and achieve.   


    Spaght Mission


    Samuel E. Spaght Science & Communications Magent prepares all students to achieve life readiness through an engaging and rigorous educational experience.  



    Spaght Staff Shared Beliefs

    We believe our students...

    • Have great potential.
    • Can learn.
    • Can find POWER in their own learning styles. 
    • Need to feel safe to learn.
    • Need help learning coping skills, problem solving skills, and appropriate social skills. 
    • Need academic motivation to meet grade level expectations.
    • Need positive adult interactions.


    We believe we can create an environment that promotes success for all students.

    • We must care about our students.
    • We must know our students.
    • We must differentiate.
    • We must model.
    • We must persevere. 
    • We must support and guide.
    • We must be consistent.
    • We must provide structure.
    • We must engage.
    • We must build relationships. 
    • We must give grace. 
    • We must be accoutable.
    • We must connect with families. 
    • We must utilize tools, resources and support.
    • We must be lifelong learners.