• Points of Pride

    Earhart prides itself on being a place where families feel welcome and students feel as though they belong here.  Our hallways are quiet and our students are on-task.


    All students have the right to learn in an orderly environment, free of disruption.  Therefore, each classroom has a behavior plan in addition to the overall Earhart Magnet School Guidelines for Success.  All behavior expectations are taught and modeled in depth at the beginning of the school year.  At Earhart, one of our goals is to help students develop, apply, and evaluate methods of resolving conflicts.  We stress treating each other with respect, and not putting our hands on other people with the intent to do harm.  The Earhart staff will work closely with parents to ensure that students learn to be responsible citizens and develop strategies for resolving conflicts.


                                             We Grow Neat Kids!

                                                      Expect Success

                                                      Act Responsibly

                                                      Respect Self and Others

                                                      Take Care of the Earth

                                                      Have a Positive Attitude


    We believe students need to be recognized for positive behavior first and foremost.  If children make mistakes, they need to learn from them with appropriate consequences.  We communicate with parents regularly to help maintain a positive learning environment.  Parents are the child's most important teacher!


    Making threats, bullying, using profanity, and fighting is never tolerated at school.


    All visitors must check in at the office and obtain a visitor's badge before entering the school.