Mission Statement

  • The mission of Hyde International Studies and Communications Magnet is to create and maintain a nurturing environment that ensures every student becomes a successful learner. 

    Students will be exposed to other cultures and ways of life through the use of focused instruction and collaborative projects specifically related to geographic locations in our society and around the world. 

Vision Statement

  • We envision a school where…

    • The environment is a safe, supportive and nurturing place that promotes high achievement for all students.
    • The partnership of professional educators, parents, students and community is highly valued.
    • All students are given the opportunity to reach their fullest potential when given appropriate instruction, strategies, and assessments to make them successful learners.
    • All students will become productive citizens in a diverse society with a focus on cultures and international studies.
    • All students are exposed to technology and research skills to apply their learning in meaningful context with a global perspective.

Values and Beliefs

  • We will...
    • Teach for understanding and mastery at all times by frequently assessing the quality of students’ learning.
    • Adjust instruction to meet students' changing needs.
    • Connect with our students as we seek to meet their academic, social, emotional and career needs.
    • Value and respect all individuals as we collaboratively seek to fulfill our mission.
    • Encourage collaborative communication with staff, students, parents, and communities.
    • Integrate diversity and cultural perspectives and understandings across the curriculum starting with ourselves, our school, to across the world.        

Guidelines for Success

  • I can...

    Be a hardworking student.

    Encourage teamwork

    Act responsibly

    Give respect

    Lead with honesty, so that

    Everyone can be successful!