• Mission Statement

    The mission of Enterprise Elementary is to prepare all students to achieve academically, socially, and emotionally. 

    Vision Statement

    Enterprise Elementary will be a safe environment that empowers our school community to achieve, believe, and succeed in their future. 

     Enterprise Shared Beliefs

    We believe that every student's culture and background is valued, has worth, and will be treated with respect. 

    We commit to valuing the school communities, background, and worth. 

    We Believe: Together, staff, families, and community members are responsible and influence student success. 

    We commit to being responsible to do our part to help the students succeed. 

    We Believe: High expectations are essential to success - your start is not your finish. 

    We commit to effective teaching practices. 

    We Believe: A safe, quality learning experience, is essential for every child, every day, everywhere. 

    We Believe: We enjoy opening our doors to our families and community. 

    We commit to providing more opportunities for schoolwide events/community outreach. 

     We Believe: We will build positive relationships with all students. 

    We commit to building positive relationships and reflecting together on our efforts. 

    We Believe: All students deserve an innovative, rigorous, learning experience. 

    We Believe: Each student is worth the effort to ensure that learning occurs. 

    We commit to putting in the effort to ensure that learning occurs.