• Ernestine Krehbiel

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    Contact Information:
    883 Fabrique
    Wichita, KS 67218-2819
    Phone: 305-5797
    Personal e-mail link: Click here.


    Wichita BOE:
    Member: December 2017-present


    Biographical Information:
    Birthplace: Higgins, TX


    Wichita High School East, Wichita, KS

    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota
    Bachelor of Science: Secondary Education, Social Studies

    Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

    Master of Science: Counseling and School Psychology

    Additional Graduate Courses (90 hours):
    Curriculum and Instruction, Social Studies Education


    Retired Educator: Wichita Public Schools and Butler Community College


    Kansas Association of School Boards
    Council of Great City Schools


    Civic Activities:

    League of Women Voters of Kansas, Volunteer and Past State President
    First United Methodist Church, Volunteer in Community Outreach


    Areas of Focus:
    All children deserve the best and most appropriate education
    Adequate funding for public schools

    Available to those within our school district who have wondered if their voice counts
    All of our children and their parents are my constituents


    Elementary: Allen, Anderson, Caldwell, Clark, Colvin, Gardiner, Griffith, Harry Street, Jefferson, Linwood
    Middle: Curtis, Jardine, Mead
    High: NA
    Special: *Dunlap Transition Center at Chisholm; *Greiffenstein Alternative Elementary School; *Sowers Alternative High School; and *Wells Alternative Middle School

    *Schools in BOE District 3, assigned to At-Large Board Member for communication purposes.

  • Ernestine Krehbiel shares her favorite parts of serving on the Board of Education:

    "I have chosen to work with the Board of Education for the Wichita Public Schools because of my strong belief that all children deserve the best and most appropriate education. I have spent my working career as a teacher and as a coach of teachers because of that passion.

    "Children begin their experience with school ready and curious to learn. We must provide the very best to all children to maintain this enthusiastic appetite for learning. 

    "Adequate funding for public schools has been the role of state government since the beginning of public schools. Our democracy will only work the way it was meant to work with an educated nation. Our public schools are the heart beat of this city and of the state and nation. 

    "I want to be available to those within our school district who have wondered if their voice counts. All of our children and their parents are my constituents.

    "In addition, children and teachers are wonderful people with which to spend one's time. Hope for the future is alive in our Wichita Public Schools, and I want to be a part of that."