Mission Statement

    The work of Wichita Public Schools is to empower all students with the 21st century skills and knowledge necessary for sucess by providing a coherent, rigorous, safe and nurturing, culturally responsive, and inclusive learning community. 

    Shared Beliefs

    • Successful public education is a community partnership.
    • Public education is essential for the improvement of society and democracy.
    • Everyone has worth and dignity and is treated with respect.
    • We profit from diveristy.
    • Everyone can and will learn.
    • It is worth the effort to ensure everyone learns.
    • High expectations are essential for success.
    • Families provide as essential foundation for learning.
    • All families want their children to be successful.
    • Learning is a life-long process.
    • Everyone is entitles to a safe, supportive and nurturing learning envirnoment.
    • Every student is entitled to equitable opportunities, resources and services. 
    • Belonging is a key to student success.
    • Change is inevitable and necessary; our response is intentional. 


    Harry Street will be a positive working and learning environment where compassionate and supportive staff work together with families to ensure that all students experience academic, social, and emotional success.