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  •  Hello Peterson Peeps! 

    Today is Friday, April 17, 2020. My goal is to update this message once a week.

    If you click on "links" on the left hand side of this page and scroll to the bottom, the Battle of the Books page has been updated. If you are currently a third or fourth grader and would like to participate in Battle of the Books you can start reading from the list!

    You can still access the Destiny homepage and library website. There are many links to learning and enrichment activities.

    Make sure you visit the Peterson Facebook page for some fun online connections with Peterson staff and students. 

    Since last week I have finished the book Bob by Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead. I also read Small Spaces by Katherine Arden. These are both books that fourth and fifth graders will enjoy. Third graders should be able to read Bob. For those of you who like scary books, you will love Small Spaces. It was a little creepy for me. I especially would not want to see a movie of this book. Next on my reading list is Granted by John David Anderson. I'll give you my opinion on that next week!

    Any time you want to chat about books or need a book suggestion, feel free to email. I would love to hear from you! Stay safe and healthy!

    Peterson Elementary: 973-0400 

    Email :  tgates@usd259.net


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