Network Systems

Pathway Information

  • Careers in Network Systems involve network analysis, planning and implementation, including design, installation, maintenance and management of network systems. Successful establishment and maintenance of information technology infrastructure is critical to the success of almost every 21st century organization. People with expertise in network systems are in high demand.


  • Sequence of Courses

    Pathway Course ID Course Title Level Credit
    Network Systems 5735 Computer Essentials Level 1: Introductory 0.5
    Network Systems 5767, 5768 IT Hardware Basics Level 2: Technical 1
    Network Systems 5761 Networking Systems (Not at East or Heights) Level 2: Technical 0.5
    Network Systems 5763 Router Basics (Not at East or South) Level 2: Technical 0.5
    Network Systems 5765 Network Security (Not at Northwest or Southeast) Level 2: Technical 0.5
    Network Systems 5773, 5774 Network Tech Support Level 3: Application 1


    Courses offered may vary between schools.  To be considered a CTE Completer in the pathway, students must complete 3.0 credits within the course sequence, achieve 80% or greater competency on the course standards or industry proficiency exam, and graduate high school in four years.  At least 2.0 of the required 3.0 required credits must be a combination of technical and application level courses.


Career Opportunities

    • Network Administrator

    • Network Consulting Engineer

    • Systems Administrator

    • Information Systems Operator

    • Technical User Support Specialist 

    • Telecommunications Specialist 

    • PC Support Specialist 

    • Systems Architect