• Robinson's Mission Statement

    Robinson’s mission is to provide a positive and safe learning culture focused on academic, social, and behavioral growth and personal excellence for all.


    Robinson’s Vision Statement

    Robinson Middle School will educate and prepare all students to create a community of successful, respectful, productive, and hopeful learners and citizens.

    Robinson’s Value Statements

    Collaboration: We enjoy working with each other to achieve common goals.

    Knowledge: We pursue opportunities to acquire truth and understanding.

    Helpfulness: We support families, students, and colleagues.

    Influence: We embrace opportunities to shift attitudes and opinions within our school system.

    Hope: We maintain a positive and optimistic outlook at school.

    Robinson’s Shared Beliefs
    We believe all school settings should be structured for student success.

    We believe expectations in all school settings should be clear, consistent, equitable, and directly taught to students.

    We believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.

    We believe all students should receive unconditional acceptance and high expectations from staff.

    We believe families provide an essential foundation for learning and that all families want their children to be successful.