• What is the PIB program at Robinson Middle School?

    The PIB program is a rigorous academic program of study that emphasizes the relationship of the student with the community and the world. It is designed for intrinsically motivated students who prefer a more demanding curriculum including foreign language, in-depth research, and advanced math, science, social studies and language arts.


    How do you get accepted into the PIB program?

    Applications are available at Robinson or on the website. Complete the application and return to Robinson. The student comes to Robinson on one of two Saturdays to complete math, reading, and writing tests. The selection process includes the results of these tests, elementary test results, and teacher recommendations. Letters are mailed to everyone who applies by the end of March.  


    Why is the PIB a better program than what is offered at other middle schools?

    The PIB at Robinson is a choice among many good choices – it’s not better or worse. Our program is not for every student. Students in the PIB should be intrinsically motivated students who want a rigorous curriculum and who work hard to attain their goals.


    What is covered on the assessments?

    There is a 40 minute math assessment that covers basic math facts and pre-algebra skills, and a math diagnostic assessment. The students also will have 30 minutes to write an essay from a prompt, which is rated using the ARG 6-trait rubric. Students will take a 40 minute reading assessment with multiple choice questions.


    What if I can’t make it on the assessment dates?

    We schedule only three assessment dates on two consecutive Saturdays, two in the morning and one in the afternoon. With proper planning we hope your schedules will allow time for you to complete the assessments. No one will be allowed to take the test if they are late, and no make-up dates will be scheduled.


    How many students attend Robinson? How many are in the PIB?

    There are approximately 800 students at Robinson. The PIB program has 80-90 students per grade level with a total of 270 PIB students in the building, or 1/3 of the school.


    How many students apply for the PIB program?

    Over 200 students apply for approximately 90 places in the 6th grade PIB.


    What requirements are there in the PIB?

    The PIB students must participate in a personal research project all three years. They also are required to complete community service. The curriculum requires them to take three years of foreign language and maintain a GPA of 2.7 in 6th grade, 2.75 in 7th grade, and 3.0 in 8th grade. The PIB students, just like the other Robinson students, must follow all school rules and procedures. 


    What happens to students who do not meet the requirements?

    They will be placed on probation and an educational intervention plan written to help them be successful. If they still don’t meet the requirements, they will be asked to leave the PIB program and return to their base school.


    Is transportation provided?

    Yes, if you live at least 2.5 miles from Robinson, and you live within USD259 boundaries.


    Is there a difference between gifted and PIB?

    Yes, they are not the same. You do not have to be gifted to be accepted into PIB; the reverse is also true. Teachers provide gifted services to gifted students, based on their IEP’s. If a student is gifted and in PIB, he/she will take their language arts and math classes with other gifted students with a teacher certified in gifted education.


    If my son/daughter takes the test for PIB, when will I know if he/she has been accepted?

    Your child will be notified by mail whether or not he/she has been accepted into the PIB program. 


    If my child is not accepted into the PIB program, can he/she go to another magnet middle school?

    Yes, you can apply through the magnet office for other magnet school options and apply for the Robinson PIB program. Robinson notifies the magnet office before the deadline for the other magnet schools so if your student is not accepted into the PIB, he/she can still have the option available for other magnet middle schools.


    What if my child is in 6th or 7th grade this year? Can he/she still apply for the PIB program?

    Yes. We may not know if there is space available until the end of the year. You will be notified by mail in May if there is space for the 7th and 8th grade PIB classes. 


    *Not affiliated with International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme.  Please note: Students in the Robinson program who are interested in the East High IB Program will need to apply during their 8th grade year for that program.