• In vocal music/choir, students learn to have an open mind about all forms of music. Students learn about history, culture, and theory through music. Additionally, students practice sight-reading music daily to build independent musicianship.

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Ms. Abbi Faflick

Ms. Faflick believes that the choir classroom should be a warm and inclusive environment for all its members. She is passionate about creating lessons, music, and a community that celebrates each student. Ms. Faflick’s teaching style encourages students to use their strengths and challenges them to expand their musical knowledge! She is an avid coffee enthusiast, loves to go on runs with her friend’s dog, and listens to podcasts. Ms. Faflick also loves to travel and explore the world around her, especially if that is with her family and friends. In addition to teaching vocal music, Ms. Faflick is an AVID teacher!


🏆 Ms. Faflick received the 2022 Distinguished Classroom Teacher Award in the New Teacher (Secondary) category!