• After School Program


    Daily Schedule:


    3:20 – 3:45: Free Snack

    3:45 – 5:00: After School clubs


    Students who choose not to be in a club will participate in homework help and an alternative activity.


    2023 - 2024 Schedule

    • Monday-Wednesday: 3:20-5:00 (excluding holidays, inservice days, and P/T Conferences)
    • First Semester: September 18th to December 8th
    • Second Semester:  January 15 to May 3




    Monday- E-Sports, Robotics, Soccer

    Tuesday- E-Sports, Girls United, Chess

    Wednesday- E-Sports, Robotics, Soccer


    There will be field trips offered by the YMCA for free with transpiration provided from Robinson to the sites and back. 



    Other activities will be offered for students who do not want to participate in after school clubs. There will be community service opportunities offered each month as well.


    Dates we will not have ASP as scheduled due to conferences and inservice days



    October 9, 10 and 11- Parent Teacher Conferences

    October 25- Staff Meeting

    November 8- Staff Meeting

    November 22- No School

    February 5, 6, 7- Conferences

    February 19- No School

    February 28- Staff Meeting

    March 11, 12, 13- No School

    March 27- Staff Meeting

    April 10- Staff Meeting

    April 15- Inservice Day



    1. Students will maintain respectful and appropriate behaviors during the entire duration of the After School Program.
    2. All students MUST be picked up no later than 5:15. Students who are picked up after 5:15 PM will be given one warning then they will be suspended from the program until the next quarter.
    3. Phone use is at the discretion of the ASP supervisors.
    4. The coordinators maintain the ability to suspend students who do not maintain respectful and appropriate behaviors from ASP.

    Please contact Mrs Vohs with any questions at svohs@usd259.net