• Divisional Track Team

    Ayoola Adewuyi
    Zak Bowles
    Aiden Butler
    Changa  Enamienge
    Eli Jia
    Naeson Jones
    AJ Monk
    William Moore
    Luther Ponce
    Kahlil Potts
    Jayden Pope-Schneider
    Steel Rose
    Hudson Schmidt
    Cam Sharp
    Nate Shirley
    Adijah Solomon
    Canyon Tartler
    Forrest Walker
    Managers : Ryan and Ebou
    Fiona Bayne
    Chloe Black
    Jhaniah Bruce
    Caiden Green
    A'miyah Kates
    Tianna Lauriano
    Teriya McFadden
    Abby McIntyre
    Ruby McKenzie
    Natalia Sanchez
    Gabrielle Shaheen
    Lorelai Sullenger
    Varsha Vivekanandhan
    Managers: Harper and Vivian

    2024 Track 

    Tryouts begin the week of March 18th
    Monday-March 18th Girls Only, 3:20-4:50pm.  Shot Put 4:50-5:20pm
    Tuesday-March 19th Boys Only, 3:20–4:50 p.m.  Shot Put 4:50-5:20pm
    Wednesday-March 20th Hurdles both Boys and Girls interested in hurdling 3:20-4:50pm
    Thursday-March 21st Girls Only, 3:20-4:50pm.  High Jump 4:50-5:20pm
    Friday-March 22nd Boys Only, 3:20-4:50pm.  High Jump 4:50-5:20pm
    **Tryouts are subject to change due to weather.  

    Events For Middle School Track and Field

    Open Events:   

    • 75m Hurdles
    • 100m Dash
    • 200m Dash
    • 400m Dash
    • 800m Run1600m Run


    • 400m Relay (4X1)
    • 800m Relay (4X2)
    • Medley Relay (200m, 200m, 400m, 800m)
    • 1600m Relay (4X4)

    Field Events:   

    • Shot Put (6lbs-girls, 8lbs-boys)
    • High Jump
    • Long Jump