• STL stands for Student Technology Leadership.  It is a year-long exploratory class taught by Mrs. Smith.  Students in this class are recommended by the teachers.  

         Students in this class will be involved in many things like: creating the yearbook, doing the announcements each day, learning about photography, videography, graphic design, page layout/design, creating storyboards, interviewing, and much more.

    The STL students are also reponsible for the school yearbook.

    We video and photograph most Curtis events from concerts to track meets.

         In the Spring, STL is involved in two competitions: one is local and one is the state competition at K-State University.  Students will compete at these competitions in the following categories: Web Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Media, Video Production, and Public Service Announcements.

         We are constantly busy- one day is not like the next! I look forward to working with the wonderful STL students this year at Curtis!