Plant Systems

Pathway Information

  • Students in Plant Systems pathway build a foundation for careers in the field of agriculture and horticulture.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in FFA.



    Sequence of Courses

    Pathway Course ID Course Title Level Credit
    Plant Systems 4115, 4116 Introduction to Agriculture Level 1: Introductory 1
    Plant Systems 4117, 4118 Agriscience Level 2: Technical 1
    Plant Systems 4121, 4122 Horticulture Level 2: Technical 1
    Plant Systems 4123, 4124 Agribusiness Level 3: Application 1
    Plant Systems 4127, 4128 Horticulture and Greenhouse Management Level 3: Application 1


    Courses offered may vary between schools.  To be considered a CTE Completer in the pathway, students must complete 3.0 credits within the course sequence, achieve 80% or greater competency on the course standards or industry proficiency exam, and graduate high school in four years.  At least 2.0 of the required 3.0 required credits must be a combination of technical and application level courses.


Career Opportunities

    • Forest & Conservation Techncian

    • Agricultural & Food Science Technician

    • Landscaping Manager

    • Golf Course Superintendents

    • Botanist

    • Greenhouse Managers

    • Microbiologist