Kansas Open Records Act (KORA)

  • The Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) requires public agencies such as school districts to open for inspection public records, except for certain public records that are exempted from disclosure.


    For general information about the open records act, please see the Kansas Association of School Boards' KORA Brochure. KASB has approved for Wichita Public Schools to publish the brochure on this district Web page.  


    In the Wichita Public Schools, BOE Policy 2115 - Access to Open Records describes the process for Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) requests.

    Please prepare a KORA request in writing. Note the specific record(s) requested, include your address/daytime contact information, and sign your name. Mail or deliver requests to Clerk of the Board, Wichita Public Schools, 903 S. Edgemoor, Wichita KS 67218. It is recommended that e-mail not be used to make a KORA request, because security filters may inadvertently block a message, thus delaying response to a request.

    The Kansas Open Records Act allows a district to charge a fee for providing access to or furnishing copies of public records. USD 259’s charges to fulfill KORA requests are as follows: $25 per hour for staff time excluding time spent copying records and excluding time for programming or running queries to access records maintained in an electronic format; actual hourly rate for staff time spent in programming or running queries to access records maintained electronically, and/or 25¢ per page including staff time in making copies. The district will confirm any costs before completing a request, and payment is due prior to fulfillment.

    For more information, contact the Clerk of the Board's office at 973-4553.