A school may request box lunches or field trip meals by completing this form

    • Box Lunches must be ordered 5 business days in advance
    • There is no minimum order for box lunch delivery, but delivery is NOT available outside the city limits of Wichita.
    • Meals available are box or bagged lunches.  
      • Box lunches must be kept cold until consumed and then discarded if not consumed.  It is the school's responsibility to keep box lunches cold when the school transports the meals & milk.  Milk can be found in the school's milk cooler.
        • Box Lunch Menu Options:
          • Turkey Sandwich, String Cheese, Fresh Vegetables & Fruit
          • Yogurt, String Cheese, Granola, Fresh Vegetables & Fruit
      • Bagged lunches  are not required to be kept cold and are packaged to make transporting easier. These would be ideal for schools to transport to field trip sites outside of the city limits of Wichita. The school is responsible for transporting milk.  Milk can be found in the school's milk cooler.
        • Bagged Lunch Menu Options:
          • PBJ Sandwich, Cheese, Fruit, Juice & Fresh Vegetables
          • Chips with Bean & Cheese Dip, Rice Krispy Treat, Juice, Fresh Vegetables & Fruit
          • Chicken or Tuna Salad & Crackers, Juice, Fresh Vegetables & Fruit

    A calendar invite will be sent to confirm the box lunch request. 

    If a confirmation/calendar invite from Nutrition Services is not received, please contact FPC Office at 973-2176 to make sure your request was received.  


  • Click here to request box lunches