Allen Elementary Library

Allen Elementary Library

Phone: 316-973-1750


Degrees and Certifications:

BA - Elementary Education MLS - Library and Information Science Endorsement - ESOL

Mr. G - Your Library Man

Welcome to the Allen Elementary Library! My name is Andrew Gonzalez and I will be your child’s library media specialist this year. This is my seventeenth year of teaching (9 in the library) and I am very thrilled to be working with your student, the Allen staff, and our community at large. It is my intention to create a safe, positive, and organized environment in our library. As your child's teacher-librarian, he/she will learn lifelong skills in literacy, information, and technology. It is my hope that all of our library students will be future-ready and empowered to dream, achieve, and believe!



Library Class and Online Catalog

  • In library classes, we are taught to be 21st century learners! We learn skills in reading, information, and technology. We learn how to find books we are interested in and how to tell if they are too easy, too hard, or just right for us. It's a great place to be!!;jsessionid=2D5C107AEDEDDAADCD2EC69EEA1F3B75?districtMode=t




    Destiny is our districts online catalog. We can use the online catalog to locate books in the library. When you search for a book, remember to write down the book's call number to identify its location in our library. 

    Click here to search Destiny.

What's Happening

  • Our library is not like the stereotypical libraries of the 20th century. It is not a place to "just check out books," it is way more than that. It is our community hub! We are building a community of strong and independent readers, information seekers, and technology users. 


    It is my belief that 21st Century students should learn and know 21st Century skills. I am happy to teach these skills. Everyday of the week, students are working on reading skills, information skills , digital citizenship skills, problem solving skills, inquiry skills, and all while using the resources in our library. On Thursdays, students are working on S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills with an emphasis on problem solving using Technology and Engineering. To be future ready, our S.T.E.M. instruction will allow students to practice critical thinking, provide oppurtunities for collaboration, learn effective communication skills, show off their individual creativity and promote curosity in new learning. It is my hope that these skills allow our students to grow as library users and life-long learners.

The Power of Reading

The Power of Reading
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The Power of Selection

The Power of Book Selection