Parent Education Program

Family Engagement
  •  Our office provides support to families in transition and offers opportunities for them to become involved in their child’s education. In 2014 we served over 2,648 children 0-21 years of age.  We held 104 Parent activities for school-age families and 16 for children 0-4.


    When Parents are engaged ....

    • Students Improve 

    • Classrooms Improve 

    • Schools Improve 

    • Everyone Benefits!! 


    Greater achievement benefits are recognized when parents are involved in their child’s education by:

    • žParents working with their children at home

    • žParents attending and actively supporting school activities


  • Encourage parents to:

    • Volunteer in the classroom
    • Volunteer for school projects and fundraisers
    • Be a mentor to new families and make them feel welcomed
    • Follow through with commitments
    • Check the school website for information and updates
    • Attend parent teacher conferences
    • Participate in after school activities