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    The PTR Center houses over 800 dies purchased from AccuCut and Ellison in Room 20. Most dies have been organized into an online catalog for your convenience. Click here to view the Die Cut Catalog.  We do add new dies periodically and may not have them in the catalog.

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    How Dies are Organized in the Die-Cut Catalog

    The catalog organizes dies housed in the PTR Center by categories and subcategories in alphabetical order. The die name, die-cut dimensions and die size are listed below each corresponding die-cut illustration. In addition, there is also an alphabetical index located in the back of the catalog for those who prefer to locate specific dies according to alphabetical order.

    Example: A die cut of an Eagle would be found under the category of Animals under the subcategory of Fowl.

    Some dies fit into more than one category. The die cut of a Cloud can be found under two different categories: Nature under subcategory Season, and Science under subcategory Physical Science/Weather.

    The PTR Center has several different sizes of dies that are used with different die presses. PTR Center staff is available to train customers on how to use the die presses.

    Standard (4 7/8"w x 5 7/8"h)
    Double Die (11 11/16"w x 4 7/8"h)
    Extra Large (9 3/4"w x 11 3/4"h)



    How Dies are Organized and Located in the PTR Center

    Dies are arranged in vertical rows under alphabetical headings. To locate a die in the PTR Center Die room, refer to its name in the catalog.

    For example: Bear would be located in the column under the alphabetical heading "Ba-Bi."

Die Cut Catalog

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