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    PIB English I students will take an objective test covering the information from the Pre-IB English I 2020-21 Summer Assignment: “Elements of Fiction” and “Figurative Language and Literary Terms/Devices” during the first full week of class. The test will focus on assessing the student’s general understanding of the information: definitions and identifying examples.

    Also, as a way to communicate with and assist students, I have created a class. Please join this class using the following information:


    Class: PIBENG1 2020-21; Class Code: @pibeng12



    Dear students,


    In light of recent changes to our schedule for the coming school year, your due dates for summer work will need to be modified.   Please be patient as we all work through the changes to get ready for a safe and beneficial school year for all of you!


    All summer work assignments will be due on your first day of our class.  Note that those dates will be either 9/8 or 9/9.  You can turn your work in on our Google Classroom and there is no need to print anything out.  We’ll aim to be almost completely paper-free this year. 


    This new schedule means less disruption to how school will look and feel and ensures you have to time to do well in all your classes.  Note that your schedule may change – please be patient with this process as administration and counselors make necessary adjustments.


    As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns.


    Thank you.

    Mrs. Tolbert



    Revisions to IB reading for the class of 2022 are as follows:

    1. Your proverbs list and paragraphs will be due to by 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 8thThis is the expectation for ALL students enrolled in the class, both those on MySchool Remote and those attending in person as well as those potentially not enrolled in the class until 2nd  This assignment is NOT a collaborative activity!  Directions for joining the turnitin class will follow in the near future. 
    2. You will still have an assessment over the texts on the second day of class.
    3. I expect you to annotate as directed! However, books will not be collected in light of the current situation.  Oral assessments and discussions over specific passages in the texts will give you the opportunity to demonstrate the thoughtfulness of your annotations. 

    This is going to be an adventure!  Keep emailing me your questions (, but please realize that the district has teachers in virtual meetings and trainings for the entirety of the school day.  Additionally, because my intent is to provide you clear direction and only one set of directions, I often need to find answers or turn to others, who must then make decisions at a higher administrative level, before I can adequately respond to your question. 



    IB Senior World Lit Summer Reading Dates and Expectations


    Due to the inability of Synergy to handle schedules by quarters, East is now going to a modified block. I’ll see every student, every other day. So here’s an appropriate update about summer reading:


    A Tale for the Time Being is a curriculum book for IB, not just an extra summer reading book. So we will do a complete study of it starting on September 8/9 whenever your first class meets.


    There will still be an assessment to confirm you’ve read A Tale for the Time Being, and that will be administered on either September 10 or 11, either virtually or in person. For that assessment, you should review the book before your first week of IB Lit class.


    ALL students’ two analysis paragraphs of passages from A Tale for the Time Being should be submitted to by September 10, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOUR CLASS MEETS on Sept. 10 or Sept. 11. I will send enrollment details soon.


    I will check annotations of the passages you wrote about during the first week of class. Email questions to 


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