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  • Dear PIB & IB Students and Families,


    After completing three months of work into three weeks, I am trying to provide words to what Synergy is relaying to you now concerning schedules.


    Our master schedule has changed for ALL students at East High, including PIB and IB students. The ability to have an elective of choice is not likely for the majority of students at East High.  If your schedule did not change, consider yourself lucky. Whether you opted for face to face or my school remote, changes were made. I say this to ensure you that choosing one option over the other did not place one student at an advantage schedule-wise.


    Why did change happen?  Sections taught by teachers changed to accommodate my school remote students and face to face students.  Any one section now has the possibility of three structures: face to face, my school remote, or blended. Decisions made on which sections would be which started with teacher availability and ended with administration.


    Due to the new master schedule, your elective(s) of choice (if changed) happened because one or more of these situations below:

    1. Elective is at seat capacity
      2. Elective is offered remote only or face to face only and you are enrolled for the opposite
      3. Elective is not offered during the hour in which you need the elective
      4. A core class had to move to an hour that was meant for an elective due to the core class needing to be a remote or face to face section


    Please note that unless you are a senior and at risk of not graduating due to electives not being met, electives will not change. I’ve had three weeks to watch this process unfold and I realize that our students may be grieving due to schedules changing.  Loss is loss and it is tough. Apologizing on the behalf of a pandemic seems considerate and absurd at the same time because no one wanted or wished for such an experience.


    On a positive note, students entered the PIB/IB program in hopes of attaining an IB diploma and we are grateful that even with swift change, that hope is still alive. East High staff, much like your own families, has encountered numerous changes and we are proud to offer our best given the situation. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we worked to resolve schedules.


    Also, ACE times are now organized based off of enrollment choice.  We have five teachers assigned to My School Remote students for ACE time.  If your ACE time teacher is different, that happened due to enrollment choice OR balancing the classes out after movements were made.


    Take care,


    Meghann Ewy

    International Baccalaureate Counselor


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  • IB 2019-20 Tutoring

    If you are struggling or could use extra assistance, please refer to our IB Tutoring Program. The purpose of the tutoring program is to encourage learning through individual attention.  Students using peer tutors will be able to make connections between aspects of the curriculum, develop studying and test taking strategies, and reflect upon their daily work.  Students can complete and submit tutor request forms in the SSC or online using the links below.  Once the request has been made, the individual asking for assistance will be partnered with a diploma seeking IB student.

    2019 IB Tutor Flyer

    Tutor Request

    Tutor Application

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