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  • Student Bulletin

    Wednesday, August 15, 2018


    Welcome to Jardine!  We are incredibly glad you are here!

    Thank you to everyone who attended Open House last night!  We had a great time and are very excited for today.  You should have received a schedule and your locker assignment.  Please let your teacher know if your locker isn’t working and they will let Ms. Ines know.  If you haven’t had your picture taken for your ID, we will get to that this morning.  Let’s have a great day!


    Students, everyone has been assigned a locker.  Please use this locker to store your extra materials during the school day.  Locker times are before school, before/after lunch and after school.  Keep this in mind as you organize your materials.    Do not share your locker combination with friends!


    You may have noticed we have a newly organized and designed cafeteria.  It looks so good!  As a result, lunch procedures will change a little bit.  There are two choices for the day- an A and a B.  There will always be a choice between a hot lunch and a grab and go item.  Today your choices are either Super Nachos with Chili or Queso Cheese or a salad, sandwich, yogurt pack, Greek plate, chips and salsa or PBJ.  Enjoy and take care of our new cafeteria!


    If you feel there is an error in your student schedule, please see Ms. Pierce, our school counselor.  To see Mrs. Pierce, please get a pass from your teacher and come to the office.  She will have a signup sheet for students wishing to speak to her.  I know she will get to you as soon as possible, but it may take a day or two.  Returning students filled out a preference form last spring and we tried to give you the classes you were interested in.  Sometimes we couldn’t accommodate that because of class sizes or the need for an intervention class.  


    Please remember… you should not have your backpack out during the day.  The only exception to this is a string backpack.  These items are fine to bring to school but they must remain in your locker one you arrive.


    If you ride the bus, please make sure you have your route number.  This will make it much easier to find your bus at the end of the day.


    If you are a walker, please know Colvin Elementary has asked us to remind you that NO Jardine students should arrive onto Colvin property until 4:10, and then ONLY if you are there to pick up a sibling.  At no time are Jardine students permitted in the building prior to 4:20 pm.  They know you want to talk to previous teachers and get some of that elementary love, but with over 900 students enrolled there’s no way that many people can wandering through the building.  Thanks for understanding!


    How to have an incredible first day at Jardine STEM and Career Explorations Academy:

    • Be kind to everyone! Even if you really don't want to!
    • Be yourself. It sounds corny, but you will make better friends if you're not trying to act like someone you're not.
    • Listen to your teachers and always take notes.
    • Write down all of your assignments, even the simple ones..
    • Have fun with your school day. Even though the first day is a little rough!
    • If you need help going to your next class, ask a teacher or someone where the class is.


    Here are some quick facts about Jardine STEM and Career Explorations Academy:

    • School Colors – Blue and Yellow
    • Mascot – The Jaguar


    Math Intervention students:  If your class meets the goals of: 45 minutes or more on iReady and has the highest pass rate, then your class will win a small prize AND bragging rights!  Are you ready?  I-Ready to be a Math-pert!


    BrainDrop (from The Franklin Institute):

    The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, were two Americans who are generally credited with designing and building the world's first successful airplane and making the first controlled, powered, and sustained heavier-than-air human flight, on December 17, 1903.


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