• The Millings Shop performs many services for over 100 district-owned buildings in the public school system. The Milling Shop has eleven employees including the supervisor.

    All cabinets and shop products are built from raw materials on site at the School Service Center Complex. All of our work is grouped in two categories—Capital and Maintenance.

    Capital Outlay projects include building new cabinetry and countertops; updating classrooms and offices, and all stages of new construction.

    Maintenance projects include repair and maintain all existing building needs, and assist all other in-house departments with any specialized request.

    We use several species of solid woods that are purchased in bulk and in the rough. All solid wood is milled to our specifications and stocked in our shop. Solid woods we use are ash, oak, birch, poplar, willow, pine, and maple. We also stock several types and thickness of plywood. All plywood is 7-ply, 3/4-inch thick G2S birch, oak, or fir.  We use the same plywood in quarter-inch thickness usually a/c or b/c grade.

    Milling has the responsibility to maintain all the countertops throughout the district. This requires us to use all laminate manufacturers such as Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, and Pionite. These laminates are also used to maintain tables, desks, window ledges, etc. We have a finishing area ( spray booth) that is capable of applying most all types of spray finishes, paints and stains.

    With the maintenance work order system we service our district by dividing it into four sections for work assignment and routing purposes. There is one employee per route that has the responsibility of maintaining the 25-28 buildings in each route. These vehicles are in the field almost every day performing the numerous tasks assigned to this shop.