College & Career Center Overview

  • Plan for Life After High School


    • Your West High College and Career Coordinator (CCC) assists you as you navigate your next steps and options after graduation. There are many ways your CCC can help you accomplish this task, but knowing where to start is the first step. Here are just a few areas where the CCC can assist you in your next steps discovery:


      • Searching and applying to colleges
      • Searching and applying for outside scholarships 
      • Understanding how to fund your college education
      • FAFSA help
      • Exploring career options
      • Registering and preparing for the ACT/SAT and ASVAB tests
      • ACT Tutoring 
      • Enlisting in the military
      • Finding internships/summer programs
      • Resume creation
      • Mock interviews
      • Job shadowing
      • Assistance with next step questions and/or concerns


      Use the left navigation to learn more information about that particular topic. Contact information is below and please do not hesitate to reach out!

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    College and Career Coordinator

    Mrs. Lacy

    Located in Room L1
    (316) 973-3676