• Dress Code

    Students at Franklin are expected to dress appropriately for school. 

    General dress code information to know:

    • No Sagging- belts must be worn to hold up pants and no underwear showing. 
    • Shirts & blouses must touch the top of the pants.
    • No belly buttons showing.
    • Tank tops are to be fitted, no cut-outs, and not too loose to show sides.
    • No "spaghetti strap" shirts.
    • Shorts are to be at or below the fingertips when hands are down by the side.
    • Clothing items with alcohol, drugs, cigarette advertising, or violence are not allowed. 
    • Hats & Caps are not allowed without prior approval, unless it is a "Spirit Day"
    • Shoes need to be appropriate for school, P.E. and recess.
    • No high heels, uncluding platforms, or toy type shoes. No "heelies" (shoes with wheels).
    • No colored hair, distracting jewelery (i.e. big necklaces or earring), or distracting makeup.

    All questions regarding the dress code are to be reffered to Mrs. Smith at 973-9850.