Choosing Your Career Path

  • Ideally, everyone would know what career they want to pursue upon graduation, but it often doesn't work that way.  Here are 10 tips that may help you narrow your path. 

    10.  Think about what excites and energizes you.

      9.  Consider what you are good at.

      8.  Take a test to determine your interests and possible careers.

      7.  Get an internship with a company in the field you are interested in.

      6.  Find a mentor.

      5.  Do your research and look beyond traditional jobs.

      4.  Ask!

      3.  Consider careers that utilize your gifts, drive your passions, and align with your values  G + P +V

      2.  Make a plan.

      1.  If the first choice does not work, you have an opportunity to choose again.


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